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Please Help Me


Can any of you out there help this young lady? If you were a follower, please respond to her and help her out. thanks!

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Hello Guys,

About two hours ago I had 51 followers until I deleted my blog by accident. I have spent the last hour making a list of all my poems, rewriting and then reposting them from scratch. My blog meant so much to me and if anyone interested in poetry could follow me to get me back to 50 followers that would be amazing? It’s my birthday on Tuesday (22nd) and it would be spectacular if you could all help me re-set up my blog? I had worked so hard on it and am pretty upset now it’s gone… Please please help me, tweet my link, facebook my link, share it to anyone! I just want my blog back :/

I promise to try and follow every single one of you back, I just want to feel like I’m sharing my writing with a group of people who are passionate…

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Purin – Japanese Dessert Custard


Another delicate dessert for spring! Purin, along with the cotton cheesecake, is among my favorite Japanese desserts. Japanese desserts are not as sweet as ours. I hope you will enjoy this variation of a worldwide dessert staple.

Originally posted on kanzen sakura:


All around the world, there are variants of this recipe – flan, crème brulee’, leche flan, caramel crème…The Japanese version is softer ,  more delicate, less sweet.  It is a delicious end to a heavy meal or an excellent light dessert to serve with a cold plate, salady luncheon.  I like to chill and then unmold on a plate and serve with some fresh cut fruit to garnish – strawberries, blueberries, aspic cutter flowers of thin sliced melons, thin slices or half moons of kiwi….. 

If The Kentucky Bourbon Cake (see recipe under a previous post) is a luxurious and expensive call girl of a dessert, this dessert is a fairy princess.

 Ingredients and Instructions


2 cups whole milk

2/3 c. sugar

4 eggs

1 tsp. good vanilla extract

Butter (for greasing custard cups/molds) 


6 tbs sugar

2 tbs water + 1 tbs warm water 

Butter six custard cups/molds.  Heat 2…

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Wordless Wednesday – Azaleas in my yard

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April 22, 1915: Poison Gas Used, 1970: First Earth Day


This is from a very interesting blog…This Day in Water History. Today, on Earth day, it is a good posting. Let us remember to be more respectful of and kinder to our home and to each other.

Originally posted on This Day in Water History:

0422 Earth Day

April 22, 1970:The first nationwide Earth Day celebration is organized by Sen. Gaylord Nelson and Dennis Hayes. It creates a national political presence for environmental concerns. Millions of Americans demonstrate for air and water cleanup and preservation of nature.

April 22, 1915:The use of poison gas in World War I escalates when chlorine gas is released as a chemical weapon in the Second Battle of Ypres. Forevermore, chlorine is not considered a viable alternative disinfectant in Europe.

Commentary:  It is amazing that one graphic represents two entirely different events that were 55 years apart.

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Easter Memories and blessings

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Easter was a special day for us. Bright and early, we would all get up and go to Sunrise Service – there to hear the joyous news that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead gave to us the gift of forgiveness of sins and eternal life – that light overcame darkness and sadness changed to joy.

Then we would go to regular services to hear the good news again. Afterwards, we would have a big Sunday dinner and usually, we had company – aunts, uncles, cousins, friends. After feasting and still in our spiffy Easter clothing, we would pile into a couple of cars and go for a walk at the Sarah P. Duke Memorial Gardens attached to Duke University. In the spring, the gardens are incredible in their beauty. The Gardens were about three blocks from our home and often, as a child, I confused it with being “our” gardens because I often ran there to walk among the beautiful flowers, to dream beside huge koi ponds, to slowly walk through the Japanese garden and when it was time, to sniff at the hundreds of rose plants, and later in fall, to stroll among the fall flowers and colored foliage and then in winter, to silently walk among the sleeping garden – often under a blanket of pure snow.

After walking through the gardens with other visitors, we would go to the Royal Ice Cream company. It was take out only. Royal made rich ice cream daily with seasonal favorites. My favorite two were the lemon custard and the cherry blossom – the cherry blossom ice cream was a delicate vanilla ice cream filled with thousands of pieces of maraschino cherries. I have yet to find anything to top Royal ice cream. Maybe it was really that good or maybe it is memories of such happy times. whichever, doesn’t matter.

But I hope your Easter has been filled with many blessings and that you have been able to be and share your love with those you love. the photographs in the slide show are not mine. But please have a walk through a part of happy days in my past. I hope you replay the slideshow while enjoying a bowl of your favorite ice cream.

God Bless You All and Joy to you. Jesus has risen. Jesus has risen indeed!


I Did It! Joe the Parapalegic Easter Bunny


Easter Bunny Miracle and the kindness of Un-Strangers….Look what a little love and care will do = a miracle.  Reblogged from Be Like Water.  parapalegic bunny.  What a heart warmer!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gqvqkwEx7U%5D

Originally posted on Jo Robinson:

Wow! Hat’s and everything else off to you guys who actually can produce cool pics in Paint – it’s really HARD! Anyway – Obeying Don Charisma’s paint it prompt , here is my painted picture. Awesome Jo!

Doodle (2) wip

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Throwback Thursday – Romance: the Sequel

My good bud, Huntie over at Chasing Rabbit Holes (http://chasingrabbitholes.com/about) , asked me if I was going to post a sequel to last Thursday?  Did I play the violin for my husband?  Did we take a trip to the art museum that weekend?  So, for her and Ella and Elby, here is the sequel.

My husband got home and it being tax season, went in to work at finishing some stuff up. Around midnight, he finished and went to bed. So I sat on the side of the bed and played “When I Fall In Love” on my violin for him as a lullaby.  My sweet man fell fast asleep, smiling.

Saturday, we went to the Art Museum and had a delightful day. We even had lunch in their snooty and pretentious bee-stro. Good day, good time.

But the best part came this morning, a week from last Thursday. Yesterday, two small boxes were put on our porch. I was surprised. I had ordered something for him as special little gift and lo and behold, here was a box from the same place, same size – addressed to him!

I put the box addressed to him on his desk. I took my box and opened it to check to make sure it was right. It was! This morning, before he could have his coffee, I placed the contents of the box in front of him on the table. He picked it up and grinned hugely. Then, he took the contents of his box and placed in front of me. And I laughed aloud. Talk about great minds…

All of this being said: I gave my husband a Game of Thrones Mug with the motto “Winter is Coming” and the sigil of the Stark Family. My identical mug had the motto “Fear the Imp” in tribute to character Tyrion Lannister. Both of us are big fans of Game of Thrones. My husband is most impressed with and fond of the Stark family and their storyline. I am a huge fan of the character of Tyrion Lannister. At 4’10″, I’m a tad bit short. But I am in proportion:  limbs, torso, head. I call myself a midget. I hear that is supposed to be a pejorative term but it doesn’t bother me. Anyway, I enjoy Peter Dinklage’s portrayal of Tyrion – cynical, wickedly smart, pragmatic, and in spite of himself, tender hearted, able to act as a true gentleman, and brave far beyond his height. Needless to say, I love my mug. My morning coffee is going to take on a whole new twist. Gone is the ages old smiley face mug, replaced by a mug with much attitude. “Fear the Imp”.  Indeed!


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